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Pebble Pave

Pabel Pave
J and J Permeable paving is a supplier and installer of Pebble Pave permeable paving in Melbourne and across Victoria.
What is Pebble Pave?

Pebble Pave permeable paving consists of aggregate bound together with our 3 part resin system, this resin binds all the aggregate with a measured coating allowing enough contact to fuse together all surface area’s whilst still leaving enough voids so water can still flow through rapidly.

Different rates of permeability can be achieved by using smaller or larger aggregates. Pebble Pave 3-6mm aggregate is most commonly used with a flow rate of 9 litres per square metre each second.

Pool Surrounds

The Permeable qualities of Pebble Pave means a resurface over existing concrete or pavers around your pool will eliminate that surface water helping to keep the summer injuries to a minimum. Being slip resistant, aesthetically pleasing and installed with ease and minimal disruption Pebble Pave along with your vision will transform that dull pool area into a back yard with a pool that feels like the summer holiday you been waiting for.

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Pebble Pave is suitable for residential driveways and heavier loads such as trucks and buses in car parks or larger developements.

We can design specifically to your expected traffic needs by installing a base and Pebble Pave system engineered according to soil reports also able to satisfy any town planning and council requirements.

With Water Sensitive Urban Design, becoming a key factor in many developments. Permeable paving is now becoming a product used by many new clients meaning Pebble Pave’s Lifetime Warrantee Document (T & C’s apply) gives our clients the confidence our 3 part system is second to none.

Pebble Pave has a range of 18 currently approved colours making it easy for Pebble Pave to compliment almost any area or complex with existing colours needing our range.

Pebble Pave’s versatility gives you the option to create a unique design like no other. For areas such as car parks you can use our wide colour range to mark out parking bays and symbols with sharp lines and shapes.

Tree Surrounds

Pebble Pave permeable paving is a popular choice for tree surrounds as it provides a safe decorative area that won’t restrict the growth of the tree in any way. The porosity of Pebble Pave ensures that any rainwater will reach the roots of the tree. Pebble Pave used for tree surrounds is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a low maintenance tree area.

Pathways, Patios Entertaining areas.

Pebble Pave can be used to create beautiful, seamless pathways and patios. Ideal for opening up that grey looking Entertaining area giving your old concrete a facelift that is certain to impress. If you have a steep pathway, or any area that is slippery it can be dangerous especially to the older community and your young and fearless. Over half of our aggregate range once installed finishes with a texture and grip that will surprise.

our permeable concrete driveways and paving Melbourne home and business owners are encouraged to

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